Hi, I'm Lucy.

I am a Freelance Photographer from Toronto, Ontario.

As someone who is multi-faceted and needs variety, my edits hardly look the same as the previous clients. My editing style is tailored to your personality, energy, and style which makes it unique.

I use a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics, combining traditional techniques with modern technology to create images that are beautiful and timeless. With keen eye for detail and an appreciation for the art of photography, my mission is to capture your essence in a way that is both authentic and inspiring.

So, let me be your hype-woman and capture you in a way you've never been seen before!

Fun Facts

I have an obsession with butterflies.

I'm a proud mom of 2 handsome boys.

I rescued an orange tabby cat from an abandoned apartment unit when he was 10 weeks old, his name is Milo.

On my downtime I enjoy hiking, watching the sunset, reading, journaling, and catching some rays at the beach.

I was born in a small town in Kraslice, Czech Republic. My dad and I left everything behind to immigrate to Canada when I was 5 years old for a better life. I haven't had the opportunity to visit the motherland and would love to someday.

I would love to travel the world, places like Hawaii, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Maldives, Portugal, Paris, Czech Republic - just to name a few.

I've been a Freelance Model for several years now. It's fun having the opportunity to express myself in ways words can't.



“I've worked with many photographers but nothing like working with Lucy. Knowing the in's and out's to a great photo not only does she make a beautiful model she's even better behind the camera. Shooting with Lucy was so much fun, encouraging, and she made me feel so comfortable and mind blown with our pictures, they all turned out so dreamy. Amazing lady in and out and even a better photographer. If anyone knows Lucy she is ART.”